I Should Get That Done

by Tom Kelly, M.S.

The list of things that need to get accomplished, both in the long and short term, often seems to be never ending. As a student, I like to think that the summer will be a time in which I can work on important tasks from that list. No classes, no papers, no exams. A seemingly perfect time to get important tasks accomplished.

I am now looking at the calendar and becoming alarmed that it reads mid-August. Even scarier, the tasks I prioritized for completion are quite close to untouched.  Why does this happen? I think it may be my inclination to tell myself, “That should get done.” That statement usually turns into, “That can get done tomorrow, there is time left.” I find that procrastination is easiest when the there is time left on the clock.

Perhaps summer is not the best time to get important tasks accomplished. However, this does not sit well with me. These are important tasks that I would like to prioritize, and they are consistent with achieving my long-term goals. Being relegated to certain seasons seems like a cop out. I think it is time to stop telling myself that there is always tomorrow and focus on today.

Thomas Kelly, M.S.

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